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Model #WED9600TW0icon, this dryer would run for about 1 minute and then shut off and display an F23 error code. This error indicates the outlet thermistor has shorted preventing an accurate temperature reading. Thermistors are temperature sensitive semiconductor devices that are used in many appliances to monitor temperature much like a thermostat. They are often referred to as NTC's (negative temperature coefficient) meaning their resistance will decrease as the temperature increases and this resistance is used by the electronics (any appliance using a thermistor must have an electronic board) to determine the temperature. Instead of accessing the thermistor terminals directly, I removed the top panel to get to the control board so I could do a resistance check of the wire harness from the thermistor that way I could test two of the three possible failure items at the same time. After checking, the thermistor didn't read as a short but instead tested OK and since I checked at the control board, I was also verifying the wire harness at the same time. The thermistor and harness checked OK, leaving the failure as being the control board which after replacement, now allows the unit to dry clothes again.


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