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Model #KSRP22FNSS00icon, this side by side refrigerator, according to the customer was having major problems as a result of the ice door mount breaking preventing the door from sealing when shut. The customer also described the freezer looking like a winter wonderland from all the frost built up on all the food. Another servicer visited this customer and told them the only way to make this repair was to replace the entire door which has a cost in excess of $500 and by the way, it's on back order. Not happy with that answer, the customer called me to see if I had a better solution to get this 2 year old refrigerator working properly again.

Now I want to start by saying I normally will support others in my industry as we are all capable of mistakes and as long as we are trying our best to take care of the customer, I am cool with that. But I get quite frustrated with what I consider fly by night servicers that are willing to take the money, but do little to help the customer. My advice is do some research and don't just let anybody into your home to service the appliances you worked hard to pay for. Enough said.

By the time I arrived, the customer had moved the refrigerator into the garage as it was simply unusable in the condition it was in. Because of this, I was unable to see the symptom that started the need for service, but I have seen this happen a few times, so I had a good idea of what she was describing. The problem that the previous tech discovered was the ice door would not close which is a refrigerator part that opens to dispense ice, and closes to keep the cold air inside. This is not a real common problem, but as I said, I have seen a few. What happens is the tab (usually on the right side) that holds the shaft which is the pivot point for the door seal breaks. Once loose, the shaft will often slide out from the other tab allowing the door to fall into the ice chute. Without the door in place to keep air out, well the winter wonderland is usually the result. Because these tabs are part of the dispenser rear panel, they cannot be replaced leaving us with a dilemma of how to fix it. Years ago, the only solution was to get creative with some hardware, or simply replace the entire door for the customer. Not many takers when you consider the part cost, but fortunately, Whirlpool did come out with a rather unique kit to solve this problem and help prevent it from happening again in the future.

The ice door kiticon comes with everything necessary to replace either broken tab, and to repair the door and it's supporting hardware. The kit comes with instructions so I will not go into details on the repair procedure, but will say make sure you remove as much of the broken tab as possible while leaving any remaining tabs in place. This is sometimes easier said than done, but with the right tools, it isn't to difficult.

I started by doing just that using first my knife, then a small chisel I keep with me just for this repair. With the tab removed, I installed the new bracket (the top photo shows the new bracket in place), then put the door components back together. With everything back in place, the ice door seals properly, the customer has her refrigerator back again, and the cost of the part is way less than a new door.


ryder said...

Will this work on KitchenAid Superba Model KSCS25INWH01? I have the broker tab syndrome with the tab on right as I look at the refrigerator. So annoying that a 10 cent part can cost so much to fix. clearly this is a stress point. Where do i buy this kit?

TechnicianBrian said...

Hey Ryder,

Yes the kit will work on your refrigerator and is available by following the link above to Appliance Parts Pros where they have it in stock. The fix is better than the original, just follow the instructions. Thanks for visiting.

Ryder said...


Just wanted to follow up to let you know that I bought this part from the place you suggested and finished installing it tonight. It seems to work fine. Thank you so much for posting this item. This is the kind of esoteric stuff I love to find on the Internet.

I have a couple comments to offer for future installers.

First, the black background of the refer example photo makes it hard to believe what this part actually looks like. (Brian I took some photos and can email them if you want, my refer has a white background and i took a series of assembly shots). Just imagine a bracket that attaches with really strong tape and fits just perfectly in the housing.

Second, the directions that come with the part are difficult to use, mostly because they are photocopied and the photos are really bad. You can hardly see anything. If the author of those documents can provide the original in PDF with color photos, it would help a ton.

The "head" of the pin that goes through the spring should be on the right. That makes logical sense when you look at the brackets, but the Whirlpool/KitchenAid part lists implies that the head of the pin is on the left. That only work if you want to leave the pin permanently in.

Detaching the main wire connection to the circuit board requires not only releasing the little latch on top of the connector (much like the others) but you have to push a bit from behind the circuit board to release it from behind.

The directions clearly state putting on the water dispenser lever before attaching the support bracket. That really does matter.

Anyway, this is a ton better than a new door and really is a life saver. Getting details off the manufacturer site is hard, and you have done a real service with this page. Thanks so much.

Total install time the first round was about 1.5 hours. If i had to do it again, it would probably be thirty minutes now that I have done this once.

TechnicianBrian said...

I am glad it worked out for you. If you have any photos or other suggestions for others, please pass it along and I will see about updating the post.

Anonymous said...


could you pas along the pics. I'm about to tackle this and would like better pics

jarikian said...

Thanks for the advice....may save from replacing an entire door. Will this kit work on a Whirlpool Conquest (GS5SHAXNQ00). Thanks in advance.

TechnicianBrian said...

Hey Jarikian, the kit will work on your refrigerator, just follow the instructions and you should be good. Thanks for visiting.

Nikki Fix said...

Aloha Brian,

I also have a broken tab and need to replace the bracket. Sadly, Whirlpool does not manufacture a replacement part or a repair kit. Will the recommended door kit work on my Whirlpool ED5GTGXNB14 ?

Your site is incredibly helpful. Thanks so much.

TechnicianBrian said...

Hey Nikki, yes the kit will work, and it makes the door better than the original. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

Great article and solution to what should be a warranty/defective merchandise issue!!

Do you know if the repair kit will work on a Kitchenaid KSRA25CNSS00?


TechnicianBrian said...

Hey Mike, yes the kit will work on your refrigerator and it will work better than new when you are done. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...


I have a Kenmore with the same issue's. Do you know if it will work with model# 106.58526700?


TechnicianBrian said...

Yes, the door kit will work on most any Whirlpool built (thats the 106 part of the Kenmore model number) side by side refrigerators.

Adrian said...

I have a Whirlpool ED5FHAXST03, do you know if this kit works ?

TechnicianBrian said...

Hey Adrian, yes the kit will work on your refrigerator. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem on a kenmore model 106.5702/3.601. Would this kit work and how would I get to the mechanism? I don't see any slots to pry off to access. Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...


TechnicianBrian said...

Hey Brent, yes this kit will work on your Whirlpool refrigerator.

Anonymous said...

Great help! After reading this, I think I purchased the wrong kit (AP3595356). Will this kit, AP3872692 work for Kitchenaid KSSC48QMS03?

TechnicianBrian said...

Hey Diane, the kit ending in 356 is a general repair kit for the dispenser and will work for your refrigerator, UNLESS one of the plastic tabs holding the shaft has broken. Then you need the kit ending in 692 which is a repair kit for when one of the mounting tabs actually breaks.

Lorri A said...

Will this work on my Kitchenaid Superba ksrb25fhss04? It's a model from 2001. I have the same winter wonderland problem and thought it might just be the spring to the door flap. Do I really need to replace the entire kit? Thanks.

klynch said...

i hae a kitchenaid KSRP25F i was wondering if this part wuld also work for me? thanks

TechnicianBrian said...

Yes it will work for you as well.

Jason said...

Hi Brian-

It appears that this exact problem has happened to us on our Kenmore fridge/freezer. Would you mind telling me if this kit will work for model # 106.59422801? I would like to try installing the kit before I shell out $600 for a new door.

Thank you,

TechnicianBrian said...

Jason, yes this kit will work for you as well.

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