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Model #PSF26PGWAWW, this side by side refrigerator was a new purchase and from the moment it was delivered, it never cooled. A technician was sent out from the dealer to investigate the problem, and it was determined the control board had failed and a part was needed to get this refrigerator cooling again. The customer was a little skeptical and wanted a second opinion.

Demo modes were created to allow certain functions of an appliance to work while on the showroom floor without needing to be completely installed. Such as dishwashers and washers to work without water, and ovens and dryers to operate without the 240vac power source. And for refrigerators, it allows everything to typically work with the exception of the compressor. This saves electricity due to excessive cooling needs from the doors being constantly opened, and keeps them is like new condition until they find a good home.

Depending on the make and model, some products will default to normal operation once power has been removed, while others, like this GE refrigerator, will stay in demo mode until reset. The demo modes are considered sales modes and as such usually are not listed in the user guides or service manuals, but most sales representatives can quickly guide you through the process.

Based on the phone conversation with the customer, the demo mode indication was clearly spelled out on the dispenser display, which controls all refrigerator functions by the way. I had to do some quick research, like I said these are sales modes that us techs usually don't deal with, but was able to get the customer the information to try a reset.

Simply holding down the Home and Help buttons for a few seconds was all it took to snap this refrigerator into reality which was verified by the compressor turning on. The customer had their new refrigerator working again and it didn't even need a part.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for these instructions. I found 5 hits telling me that the control board was busted. Instead I followed your "push Home and Help" and fixed it in seconds!

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