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Model #FEB386CESAicon, this built in single oven began to display an F3 error just prior to Christmas which proved to make baking a little more difficult than planned. Cycling the power at the breaker didn't seem to have any affect and pressing the cancel button only cleared the error until the next time a bake cycle was started.

The F3 error on this particular oven is an indication of an over temperature condition, meaning the oven is either to hot, or the electronics thinks the oven is to hot. The component that determines the temperature is the oven probe which is a short metal tube that is sticking out from the back wall on most ovens. This probe is temperature sensitive and will change electrical resistance as the oven temperature changes. The electronic range control board uses this resistance to tell the oven temperature and to also know when the oven may be to hot.

Depending on the design, many oven probes can be removed from inside the oven for testing. The best way to test them is to use a multimeter set for measuring resistance and check between the two wires of the probe. Typically a probe at room temperature should read about 1080 ohms. If the probe measures anything wildly different including an open or shorted circuit, then the probe has likely failed.

The probe on this oven was mounted from the back so the easy place to take my measurements was at the connector on the control board. With the connector unplugged from the control board and the multimeter probes attached, I measured an open circuit to the oven probe. An open circuit is the same as infinite resistance and such a high resistance reading to the control board is the same as a very hot oven. Thus the reason for the F3 error code.

I had to pull the oven from the cabinet, but was able to get the temperature probeicon replaced without to much effort. With power turned back on to the oven, I started a bake cycle and it preheated without any difficulties. The oven was fixed and ready for baking again.

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