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cooktop FAQ

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Why is my food not cooking properly?

Are the control knobs set correctly?

• The surface cooking area locator shows which element is turned on. Use the temperature setting guide in the Use & Care guide when setting heat levels.

Are you using the correct size burner for cookware?

• Use the small burners for simmering and cooking small quantities of food requiring smaller cookware.

• Use the large burners for boiling, deep fat frying and cooking large quantities of food requiring larger cookware.

Are you using proper cookware?

• See tips on proper cookware to use on your cooktop.

• For best results your cookware should be perfectly flat on the bottom.

• Using a pan too large or too small for a cooking area can impact cooking performance.

• As a rule, your cookware should not overlap the heat zone by more than one inch on each side.

• Choose the heat zone closest to the pan size.

Do you have your control knob set on the highest temperature?

• Set burner switch to highest setting.

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