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range FAQ

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My gas burners do not heat

• Make sure the correct burner is selected, matching the burner to the correct switch.

• Make sure the burner cap is not loose. If your range has sealed burners, make sure the burner cap is seated properly, is not tilted, and does not rock or wobble. Also, make sure the cap matches the burner. Your range may have one or more burners that are different sizes. You need to make sure that a small burner cap is not on a large burner or that a large burner cap is not on a small burner.

• Check to see if there is power to the range. Make sure the range is plugged-in and inspect circuit breakers or fuses.

Things to try if none of these solved the problem:

• Try turning on the oven. If it comes on, but no burners work, then you will need to contact a technician.

• Make sure you turned the burner knob to the Lite position. Only after a flame is visible around the burner should the knob be turned to the desired cooking setting.

• Check the burner heads for dirt and debris. If some of the burners work, lift the range cooktop on non-sealed burner models, and check the malfunctioning burner heads for dirt or debris that may be clogging the holes. Carefully clean out any stopped-up holes with mild soap and water. Be sure to dry burner heads thoroughly before re-installing.

• When the surface burners are turned “on” and if the igniters do not click, we recommend that you contact a technician.

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