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refrigerator FAQ

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My refrigerator is not cold enough

• If your doors have been opened frequently, doors have been opened for long periods of time, or your refrigerator was recently installed, wait 24-48 hours for the refrigerator to completely cool.

• Your refrigerator should not be placed where temperatures will exceed 110°F or drop below 55°F.

• Adding a large amount of food warms the refrigerator. It could take several hours for the refrigerator to return to the normal temperature.

• If the refrigerator is in Defrost mode, the freezer compartment temperature will be less cold than usual. Wait approximately 20 minutes, and you should be able to feel cold air blowing in the bottom of the compartment.

• For your convenience, your temperature controls are preset at the factory to “mid-settings,” which should be correct for normal household use. However, the controls may need to be adjusted. If so, adjust the temperature one setting colder and wait 24 hours for the temperature of the refrigerator or freezer and contents to cool. Repeat this procedure until the desired temperature is reached.

• Make sure the air vents between the freezer and refrigerator compartments are not blocked. Cold air enters and exits the refrigerator compartment from the freezer compartment through vents near the top shelf and crisper drawer. If the vents are blocked by food items, airflow will decrease, which will cause temperature and moisture problems. Move any item that could be blocking one of the vents.

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