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Amana Range F1 Error

Model #ARTC8600LLicon, this free standing range was displaying an F1 error message along with the expected, but rather annoying continuous beeping sound. The surface burners all worked fine, but as long as the range was plugged in, the error and beeping would continue making it difficult to do anything.

The F1 error message is one of the few almost universal error codes. What I mean by this is the code and its reason for occurring is the same for just about every make and model range, or oven out there. And the failure is simple, the ERC or electronic range control has either detected a problem with the keypad, or the ERC itself has simply failed. To be sure which one is pertinent to a specific make or model, it is a good idea to check the appropriate documentation, but in general, the ERC and the touch pad are a good place to begin.

On this range, the error could be with the panel or the ERC and the process to determine which one is at fault is usually as simple as unplugging the user interface panel from the ERC. If the error message goes away, the problem is with the touch panel. If the error comes right back, then the ERC is the one to causing the problem.

I installed the new ERC boardicon into the back guard of the range and connected the ribbon cable and power cables to their appropriate connectors. With the range plugged back into the outlet, the ERC display illuminated but this time without the error message.

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