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Asko XXL Washer and Dryer Panel Access

This post is an update from a previous post about the release of a new larger capacity washer and dryer set from Asko called the XXL line. As I mentioned before, there is a trick to removing the top panels from both of these appliance, because they have been secured by screws not only along the rear, but also in the front which necessitates the removal of the control panels to gain access into the unit. I have included some photos showing these screws so once you know, the rest is easy.

Washer Access
Remove the dispenser drawer first and you will see the two stainless steel screws on either side. These are the only SS screws on the machine so keep them separated from the rest. Once the screws have been removed, the entire panel can be lifted a little up, and pulled forward starting on the left side for removal. Once removed you will see the three screws holding the top panel.

Dryer Access
The dryer panel has a screw cover on the left end that hides the only screw holding on the control panel. Remove the screw, and pull the panel starting at the left and pull forward and up for removal. Then just like the washer, the three screws securing the top can be removed.