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Bosch Washer Moldy Door Seal

Model #WFMC3200UCicon, this front load washer was working just fine for the customer, but over the preceding months, a colony of mold spores seemed to make the bottom portion of the door seal their new home. The customer tried cleaning the seal with bleach and other household cleaning products which seemed to work for the short term, but within a few days, the black spots began to reappear. After a call to the manufacturer and being told the seal needed to be replaced, I was given a call to facilitate that part change.

A little mold on the door seals, or bellows as we techs call them, is about as common as dust bunnies behind the dryer, and although they don’t really cause a problem with the washer, they are not nice to look at and if not cleaned, a familiar musty smell will greet you every time you open the door. Several products have been designed especially to combat this particular problem with front load washers, and I must say I have seen them work. But the sure way to prevent this from occurring is to take away the things that promotes the mold growth in the first place.

Mold is a pretty simple creature to support, as it only really needs a little warm moisture to keep happy. The spores come along with the dirt of your clothes and with some suds from your detergent, they are ready to hang around. And for everything good that a front load washer gives us, it also provides a nice habitat for our mold colonies.

Now as I said before, there are products out there to help clean up the mess once it has started and I do sell them to customers, just to admit my dog in the fight, but from my experience, they work better to prevent problems than to clean up the problem. And what I mean by this is using something like Affreshâ„¢ Washer Cleanericon on a monthly basis as directed does well to prevent mold and soap buildup, but don’t expect it to clean away the mess from years of use.

Which brings me back to this service call. The sure fire way to get rid of the mold is to replace the door bellowicon and start anew which is what this customer wanted. Then with a fresh new door seal on the front of the washer, the customer was able to begin a periodic cleaning regiment to prevent the mold from coming back.

And for some free advice. I mentioned above that the best way to prevent mold was to take away that cozy environment that makes the mold want to hang around. The best way to do this I have found is to simple keep the door open when you are done with the wash. With the door open, the moisture inside the tub can evaporate away as the air moves around the wash basket. Then the next morning go ahead and close the door to keep the cat out. Just my two cents.

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