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compactor FAQ

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The correct way to remove and install a compactor bag

• When the trash is compacted to the top of the drawer, remove the bag. If the bag is too heavy, compact less trash before emptying the compactor in the future.

IMPORTANT: Do not push items down into the compactor with hands or feet.

To remove the filled bag:

• Pull the drawer completely open.

• Remove the top of the bag from the bag retainer buttons. Pull up all four bag cuffs. Close the bag with the twist tie provided.

• Push down the side-lock latch and tilt the drawer side open.

• Lift out the bag.

To install a new bag:

NOTE: Do not use any kind of bag other than those designed especially for use in your compactor.

IMPORTANT: Before installing a new bag, make sure:

• The drawer side is securely locked.

• The container is clean and free of debris.

• Place the folded bag into the drawer. Open the bag and pull the top edges over the drawer top.

• Lock the bag in place by pulling the four pre-punched holes over the bag retainer buttons. Holes will expand over the buttons without damaging the bag.

• For a smooth fit, press the inside of the bag against the drawer bottom, sides and corners.

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