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compactor FAQ

Changing the air filter in your compactor

• It is recommended that you use either the charcoal air filter or the air freshener in the filter compartment. The solid air freshener system is an alternative to the air filter and is designed to control odors that might develop in the trash.

To change the air filter or air freshener:

• Insert fingertips into the air filter cover and pull until the side tabs release. Then, lift the cover to release the bottom tabs.

• Remove the air filter by pulling the top edge of the filter. The filter should pull out easily. Throw away used filter. OR Remove the air freshener by simply lifting it out of the filter compartment. Throw away used freshener.

• To replace the air filter, push the replacement filter into place. OR To replace the air freshener, place the replacement in the filter compartment.

• Insert the bottom tabs of the air filter cover and push in until the side tabs snap into place.