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compactor FAQ

Proper compactor loading

To load the compactor:

IMPORTANT: Do not push items down into compactor with hands or feet.

NOTE: You will not see compacting of trash the first few times you load the compactor. The compactor drawer should be about half full before the compactor can begin to compress the load.

• Open the drawer. Lift and pull the handle or press the toe bar to open the drawer.

NOTE: Pressing the toe bar opens the container only 3″ to 6″ (7.6 cm to 15.2 cm), depending on the load.

• Place trash in compactor.

• Wrap or cover wet or messy trash.

• Do not compact items that may develop offensive odors such as raw meat, fish, grapefruit rinds, disposable diapers or personal hygiene items.

• Load bottles or cans on their sides in the center of the drawer. Do not load bottles in an upright position.

• Close the drawer.