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Kitchenaid oven door falls open

Model #KEBC107KSS0icon, this built in single oven had developed a problem with the door not closing which would usually result in excess heat escaping from the top of the door while baking. The customer, in all fairness to them, had moved into the home recently and really didn’t think much about the problem, but figured it should get looked at anyway.

Oven doors are designed to seal cleanly around all sides when closed. Most will have a cloth like or rubber door seal that when closed, will prevent most heat from escaping. I say most because if you feel around the edge of your oven door while baking, you very likely will feel some heat. When these seals come loose of begin to fail, excess heat will find its way out of the oven and you may begin to experience excessive baking times.

In the case of this oven, when the door was closed, the top would stick out and not line up with the rest of the trim. The customer also noticed the oven light would stay on because the door wasn’t closing enough to actuate the light switch.

When the door is opened, as you can see in the photo, the door will open beyond the normal horizontal limit which is a good indication of hinges that have been hyper extended. This is usually the result of someone accidentally leaning on the door when they didn’t realize it was open. Once the door gets to this point, both the right hingeicon and left hingeicon will need to be replaced. Please note: these are the new hinges for the stainless steel doors and not for the painted glass doors. Stainless is heavier so these hinges are stronger.

Hinge replacement isn’t usually to difficult, but when disassembling any door, keep track of which parts went where. That’s my fair warning because the typical oven door is make up of many parts sandwiched together and held by a few screws. Not keeping track of parts will result in frustration.

I should also caution you that once the door hinges have been replaced, the door may not fully return to factory like condition because if the damage was great enough, the hinge receivers may have also been damaged as well. Replacing these can be a bit more difficult, but it can be done.

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