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cooktop FAQ

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Why does the cooktop indicator light stay on?

Are all the cooktop indicator lights on after power was turned on to the cooktop?

• It is normal for an electronic tap touch-controlled glass cooktop to have its hot indicator lights come on when power is turned on from the breaker.

• This ensures the cooktop has properly cooled before turning off the hot warning lights. Indicator lights will remain on up to 30 to 40 minutes.

Is the cooktop “on” light on?

• Push in and turn a knob to a setting.

• The cooktop “on” indicator light is located on the right side of the control panel. The light will glow when any surface control knob is turned on.

• The indicator light will go off when all control knobs have been turned off, even when one or more surface cooking areas are still hot.

Is the Hot Surface light on?

• This light, located above the knob, is a Hot Surface light. It will illuminate when the burner surface heats up. It will stay illuminated until the surface burner cools down.

• This light could stay on for up to two hours after the burner has been turned off, depending on how long it takes to cool down.

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