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dishwasher FAQ

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My dishwasher is leaking

Is the water temperature above 160° F?

• If the water temperature is higher than 160° F, lower the water heater thermostat setting to 120° F. If extremely high-temperature water is used, water tends to leak at the very beginning of the cycle in a cold dishwasher.

Is the dishwasher level?

• Make sure the dishwasher is level. The dishwasher must be supported by the leveling legs and rear wheels and must be flat on the floor.

NOTE: Some models will have four leveling legs. The dishwasher must also be square in the cabinet. If the tub opening is not square, the door will not seal properly. This is the responsibility of the customer or installer.

Is water pooling at the base of the unit?

• Check that the water supply line is properly connected.

Is water dripping from the front of the unit?

• Check for oversudsing which may appear as a leak from the corners.

Was the lower rack empty?

• If no dishes were in the lower rack, the dishwasher may leak because of the spray directly hitting the door.

Was something in the rack (such as a pan) facing the door seal?

• Water could have deflected off the pan and through the seal.

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