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Frigidaire Dishwasher Leaking

Model #PLD2855RFC1icon, this dishwasher started leaking small amounts of water while in use. The customer noted the problem was anywhere from no water to enough that a towel was needed to clean up the mess but really wanted to have it repaired to save the hardwood floors.

Unlike many commercial dishwashers, household dishwashers do not seal shut when the door is closed, but use seals and gaskets at appropriate locations to keep the water inside the tub. Many people will notice the side seals that are used to keep the water from leaking out the side, but most are not aware of the seal or seals at the bottom of the door. These seals, because they are mounted to the door, need to be flexible enough to bend when the door is opened, but rigid enough to hold back the water surge from the wash pump. If either of the door seals were to begin leaking, the common symptom noticed would be water dripping from the bottom corners of the door panel. Figuring which of the two seals is leaking is just a matter of observation.

I removed the outer door panel to have a better look at the bottom seal during a wash cycle and noticed the water surge that was slipping past the seal. Sometimes these seals can be adjusted up or down to change how they contact the tub, but if that doesn’t work, then it’s time to change the seal.

I installed the new style bottom sealicon into this unit which no longer uses the additional wings on the ends, but rather uses a new let of seals that fit into the corners. Once I was done, the dishes could be washed without worrying about water on the floor.

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