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Frigidaire Dishwasher door Bent

Model #GLD4355RFS0icon, the door on this dishwasher was no longer latching due to someone in the household accidentally tripping over the door while it was opened. It happens now and again. Someone is emptying the dishwasher while some other unsuspecting family member busy with their own activities runs into the door which happens to be at tripping height. The result can be some level of personal injury, but often the dishwasher doesn’t make it out unharmed.

The doors on most dishwashers use a set of hinges mounted on either side as the pivot point for the door. To stop the door at the horizontal point for ease of unloading, there are usually some type of stop in place either as part of the hinge or the door itself. These stops are designed to carry some weight as evidenced by a lower rack full of dishes, but the added weight of some unsuspecting person will usually do some damage.

When faced with this type of failure, it is important to do a complete inspection of the door and hinge mechanism to ensure all broken or damaged parts are identified and replaced. If this isn’t done, the obvious parts may get changed, but further unseen damage may result in additional problems in the future.

On this dishwasher, once the outer door panel was replaced, the twist in each of the hinges tells the tale. These hinges pivot on a shoulder screw attached to the tub and also acts as the door stop when it contacts the tub frame. No other damage was noticed so I proceeded to replace the lefticon and righticon door hinges that were factory fresh and at a more reasonable 90 degree angle.

The door now only opens to the horizontal position, it closes properly and the customer has a new awareness of a potential tripping hazard in the kitchen.

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