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disposer FAQ

How do I clear a jam in my disposer?

The unintended entry of foreign material can cause any disposer to jam. In the unlikely event the disposer becomes jammed, release it by following these steps:

• Turn the wall switch to the “off” position and turn off cold water.

• Insert an end of your jam breaker wrench (provided with your disposer) into the center hole of the bottom of the disposer.

• Work the wrench back and forth until it moves freely for at least one complete revolution. Remove wrench before restarting disposer.

• Remove the foreign object(s) with long-handled tongs.

• Allow the motor to cool 3 – 5 minutes then lightly push the red reset button.

IMPORTANT: Before pressing the reset button, make sure the wall switch is in the “off” position or, on batch feed models, remove the stopper from the “run” position.

• Restart the disposer by turning on the water and power.

• If the disposer remains inoperative, check the service panel for tripped breakers or fuses.

• Should the disposer still not operate, contact a local service provider for assistance.