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Fisher & Paykel F1 Error

Model DD603, this double dishdrawer had a service call were a water fill valve was replaced, and the next day, both drawers were displaying the F1 error and the pumps were continuously running. The customer could cancel the error from each drawer, but they would both return within moments of each other and continue to run. After several hours of the pumps running, the customer decided to unplug the unit and call for service.

These dishdrawers by Fisher & Paykel are convenient units that allow for small wash loads by using one drawer, or large loads by using both. They are very quiet in their operation and most people that make the investment in purchasing one of these units are pleased with their overall operation.

Now if you have been servicing the dishdrawers for more than a minute, you quickly become familiar with the F1 fault code as it’s an indication of a water leak. Each drawer in this unit has it’s own parts and it’s own logic board which makes substitution troubleshooting a breeze, that’s a hint by the way, but they share a board which is located under the bottom drawer. The board, is where the power connection is made, along with containing the connections for the lid actuator motors, and a moisture sensor to detect water leaks. This sensor is part of the board and sits just above the bottom pan of the dishwasher. When water is detected, both drawers will display the F1 error and begin a pump out cycle as a safety precaution.

As technicians, we know what the F1 is, but our task is to figure out what caused it. Many times, one of the lids did not close properly allowing wash water to spill over the side and make it’s way toward the sensor. This can be caused by something as simple as a tall plate or pan preventing a lid from closing, or more complex as an actuator not working. A search for signs of water will usually help with this determination. Usually the F1 will run for awhile, but will clear up once the water evaporates. What was unusual about this dishwasher was the persistence of the F1, even though neither drawer had been used.

Given the nature of the error, I went straight for the mains boards to see what was going on. Typically with the error would be a pool of water under the bottom drawer, but this one was dry as a bone. With no water to be seen and an F1 error in both drawers is a good indication this unit has suffered a board failure. By removing the board cover and mounting screw, I could lift the board to have a look at the bottom and that is where I found the damage to the board.

I confirmed the work done by the technician the previous day, and suspected water from the valve change had found it’s way under and on the mains board. Enough that a short circuit was created damaging the board, and resulting in a permanent F1 error. I replaced the mains boardicon making sure everything was dry before securing all the connections. Once the cover and drawer were back in place, power was turned back on to the unit and there was no F1 to be seen. A quick test confirmed the operation of both drawers and they were ready to wash again.

Just a note on the part. Fisher & Paykel distribute their own parts and as such, you need to go through them to get any replacements. But, this dishdrawer design was licenced to Whirlpool and sold under the Kitchenaid name. Most functional parts are the same which does give some flexibility is making a part purchase. The part listed above is actually a Whirlpool part number, but the part is provided by Fisher & Paykel.

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