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fisher and paykel

Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher not Draining

Model #DD603, this is the double dish drawer where the top and bottom units operate independently of each other. The upper drawer would not drain, but the lower drawer worked fine. Since both units have their own drain hose and the upper drawer motor was operating in the wash mode (the same motor does double duty) I began looking for an obstruction in the drain hose. The drain hose of most dishwashers including this dish drawer, are corrugated on the inside just like it is on the outside, so its easy for blockages to form wherever the hose is forced to make a sharp bend behind the unit or under a cabinets. After cleaning out what looked like solidified grease from the drain hose (I won’t show you the pictures of it) it now drains properly. The picture I have included is of the motor removed from the drawer for inspection and is an easy place to look for debris if there is a draining problem.