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freezer FAQ

There is frost in my freezer

• Small ice droplets on the freezer walls and on the back panel are normal.

• Frost will likely build up if the door is left open for a period of time. Make sure the door is closing completely and is not blocked by something between the door gasket and cabinet.

• Frequent door openings can let in humid room air. Keeping door openings to a minimum will help, but may not completely eliminate frost or ice in the freezer.

•During months of high humidity (especially if a home is not air-conditioned), it is normal to see some frost and sweating on the interior walls or on food packages.

Heavy sheet of ice on the back panel

• A heavy sheet of ice on the freezer back panel is likely an indication of a defrosting problem. If ice buildup continues, call a technician for assistance.

Frost buildup around the exterior door or on the ceiling

• Frost buildup around the door or on the ceiling suggests an air leak, likely due to a gasket problem.

• The door gasket should seal all the way around on the door. Make sure that nothing is keeping the gasket from making a good seal.