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Frigidaire Dryer not Starting

Model #AGQ7000ES1icon, this unit would not start when the button was pressed, but instead would only make a humming sound. They tried a smaller load but that didn’t make any difference. Looking for a solution other than visiting a Laundromat, they gave me a call.

The electric motors used in dryers rely on a start winding along with the motors normal run winding to get the motor started with a heavy load of clothes. Once the motor gets up to speed, the start winding is no longer needed and is removed from the electrical circuit by the action of the centrifugal switch opening. This switch is attached to the motor and can be heard as a snap or click when the motor starts or stops. Once started, the motor will continue to run using only the run winding until the unit is once again stopped causing the centrifugal switch to close. With the switch closed, it returns the start winding to the circuit and is ready to start the motor again.

The trouble shooting steps for a bad start winding is a simple matter of holding the door switch closed while pressing the start button, and spinning the dryers drum to give it a kind of push start. If the unit takes off running, the start winding, or centrifugal switch has failed. If the unit doesn’t begin to tumble, it’s time to look at the circuit and see what you may have missed. But in the case of this dryer, the drum started working, verifying my suspicion. The next step was to get to the motor and do a resistance check of both windings to verify if it is the motor itself or the switch that is causing the problem. An open run or start winding would indicate a motor failure, but if they check OK, the centrifugal switch contacts can be checked for continuity to verify there operation.

The motor on this dryer takes some getting to, but once there a simple check of the motors windings showed the run winding was in good shape, but the start winding had a break somewhere thus preventing current to flow. Since motors are not easily repairable,and by that I mean impossible, I Installed a new motor for the customer and now the dryer starts every time.

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