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Add Visual Appeal to your Dishwasher

“French Chef” from Dishwasher Art

Now for something completely different. I stumbled upon this site recently called Appliance Art that offers a way to bring style to your dishwasher, unlike anything I have seen before. Through the use of vinyl and magnetic materials, they have developed a series of wraps that can be affixed to your dishwasher door and completely change the look of the appliance. Looking around at the various artwork available, I think most people would find something that peaks their fancy, and although they currently only have wraps for dishwashers, I can see a market for most every appliance in the home. Kind of kicking myself for not coming up with the idea, but being the analytical person that I am, most people wouldn’t want to see my stick figures on their appliances. But head on over and take a look.

OK, I didn’t even finish with this post when I found two other websites, Dishwasher Creations, and Dishwasher Art, both with similar but different products. Guess I have been a little out of touch with my decorative side.

Color choices have come along way toward bringing appliances out of the work area and made them the center of attention in many homes. Individual style and visual appeal are beginning to play a larger role in peoples decision making process when they buy new appliances. Now, at least on your dishwasher, you can add your own touch of flare, or maybe just cover up the fingerprints. I anyone has purchased one of these, let us know how you like it.

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