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Refrigerator Buying Guide

I recently witnessed the unexpected failure of my trusty refrigerator of 6 years during one of our summer hot spells, and got to experience the joy of throwing away food gone bad. Fortunately the rest of the family is out of town, so I haven’t actually been doing any grocery shopping, but tossing all the normal food staples out still hurts. Being a technician and all, I was quick to diagnose the problem and had a solution, but the wife took this as an opportunity to replace a refrigerator she disliked, with something new and neat.

Now shopping for a new refrigerator can be overwhelming if you just go down to your local appliance store and start looking around. So many sizes, styles, colors, and features are available and unless you do some basic research, you may end up with something that looked great in the store, but just doesn’t meet your needs once you get it home. So for my wife’s research, I had here check out a few online before we went shopping.

Of course I had to throw in my two cents as I am more interested in how easy it is to service an appliance than how neat the features are. But we came to a good compromise and brought home a new refrigerator.

The moral of this story is whenever you make a purchase, do it based on specific research and not simply what looks good. Most service calls within the first 90 days after purchase are not due to an actual failure, but from a perceived failure by the customer. Or what I call, expectation issues. If you expected your appliance to do something and it didn’t, then it must be broken, or if it did something that you didn’t expect, well the answer is the same. New appliances can be a sizable investment, so take the time to make educated purchases. You will be much happier with your appliance decision in the long run.