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Hotpoint Refrigerator Not Cooling

Model #CTX16BYBNRAAicon, this unit had been sitting for a few months before being moved into it’s new location, and the customer noticed right away that the freezer section was cool, but the fresh food section was warmer than it should be. Often when serviceing appliances, your senses can point you in the correct direction of a problem, and as long as they are working, you might as well use them.

Being an older refrigerator usually isn’t a problem in itself, but being a few years on it, and having sat for the last few months can take its toll. Just walking up to the unit I could hear (or not hear in this case) the normal sounds a refrigerator makes. The compressor was running (usually a low hum), but there was no sound a fan running from inside the freezer section, just the small gurgles and pops of the sealed system.

Refrigerators that have a freezer and fresh food section require some way to move air through the cavity in order to maintain an acceptable temperature throughout. Refrigerators utilize a fan, usually near the evaporator to create this air movement and if this fan is running slow, or has stopped, the indication will usually be a warm fresh food section along with a very quiet refrigerator.

I removed the rear air vent in the freezer and found the evaporator fan blades sitting idle and locked up. A quick spin got the fan moving again, but this is most likely a short term fix, because due to the age (and rust) on the fan shaft, it was going to happen again. Installed a new fan motor into this unit, and now it’s moving air, and cooling again as it has for all it’s years so far.

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