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Hotpoint Refrigerator Not Cooling

Model #HTS20GBNCWWicon, this refrigerator just stopped cooling and with the exception of the interior light, appeared to be dead. Since the wiring for this unit is pretty basic, I tried turning the screw for the defrost timer to see if it might be stuck in defrost and sure enough the compressor and fans started running again. The defrost timer will shut the cooling components down and turn the defrost heater on to keep the unit frost free. Sometimes the timers will operate and put the unit into defrost, but will fail to exit the cycle and return the unit to it’s normal cooling routine. For this reason, whenever I have a refrigerator with a defrost problem, I will always start a defrost cycle and make sure it exits the cycle by itself before I pronounce the unit working. Replaced the defrost timer with a new one and now the thing cools, and defrosts properly.