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Jenn Air Cooktop Downdraft Vent Problems

Model#JED8430BDBicon, this electric cooktop has an attached vent blower that would turn on and off, but the speed could not be adjusted. Not a big deal considering the vent is usually run on high most of the time, but this blower would only run on the low setting.

This design of cooktop separates the left and right cooking surfaces in order to facilitate a vent which is attached to a powerful blower motor. This motor draws air through the vent to an exhaust duct mounted below the cabinet. A very convenient setup for kitchens that cannot use a wall mounted or freestanding vent hood.

Since the blower was operational on this unit, I figured the problem wasn’t in the motor but more likely the control switch itself. The blower connects to the cooktop electrically through a wire harness and connector, and this harness plugs directly into a control switch mounted at the front of the vent grill. Power for the blower comes off the terminal block leaving the switch assembly and the blower itself as the only components in the circuit.

With the cooktop removed, the only way to get to the switch, I was able to test the switch operation and verify voltage on the terminal connectors going in and coming out of the switch. With a consistent voltage going in, and coming out no matter which speed position the switch was in, it was pretty clear this switch needed to be replaced.

I installed a replacement speed switch
icon being careful of the wire routing, then ran a quick test before mating the glass top back to the cooktop chassis. The blower turned on, off, and varied in speed with the turn of the knob indicating it was working correctly again.

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