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Kenmore Dryer drum Loose

Model #41779052991icon this smaller gas dryer, made by Frigidaire by the way, seemed to be working fine, but while I was out doing some work on the washer, the customer asked if I could have a look and make sure everything was alright. With no specific complaint, I set out to do a thorough cleaning of the dryers interior and venting system when I came upon a damaged upper drum felt. After talking with the customer, it seems they had been having some problems, specifically with marks getting left on white close. But more about that later.

With the top and front panels removed, I was able to get a good look at the dryers interior components and the layer of lint sitting on just about all of it. Lint not only gets trapped by the dryers lint screen, but will also get past it or around the drum seal and lays on everything like new fallen snow. Because dryers move large amounts of air, any dust that is floating around the laundry room will also find its way into the dryer cabinet. It’s a good idea to have your dryer served periodically along with the venting to ensure optimum performance. But I digress.

I noticed the upper drum seal only had one of its original three drum glides attached and the seal itself had seen better days. Once the drum was removed and I began cleaning, I found the remains of the other two glides sitting down on the bottom of the cabinet. The fact the glides were missing and the seal was well worn is not in itself reason to start replacing parts. There was no evidence of noise or physical damage to the dryer so I presented the options to the customer. Concerned most with potential problems, we discussed the possible failures such as noise during operation, damage to the front lip of the drum due to no glides, and the possibility of clothes becoming stuck leaving what appears to be dark lines on the clothes.

This is when the customer piped up and said she had been seeing these marks for some time now and was frustrated because she couldn’t find their source. I explained as the upper seal wears down, the drum will sit lower in the front leaving a gap between the bottom seal and the drum lip. In the case of this dryer, I was able to get a finger in between the seal and the drum. Clothes will get stuck in at the bottom and then make a quick trip around the drum stuck in between the drum and the seals.

I assured her a new upper sealicon would resolve the issue and even prolong the use of her dryer. These seals are glued in place, with a provided high temperature adhesive, and take a few minutes to ensure they will remain in place. It’s best to replace the seal them move onto other tasks as the glue drys. Once back together, the gap at the bottom of the drum was missing due to the new upper seal and the clothes should no longer come out with their mysterious markings.

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