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LG Spring Training

I spent the day at the LG spring training event where we had the opportunity to see four of the new kitchen products including an updated bottom mount refrigerator, steam dishwasher, freestanding range, and OTR microwave. The product that I found the most interesting was the microwave which utilizes a full front door that lifts up with the assistance of a couple pneumatic shocks. The user interface is mounted to the door for ease of use, while the rest of the electronics are mounted in a way that are actually accessible without removing the unit from the customers cabinet which is a nice change. This unit functions like most other microwaves with the noted exception of the defrost cycle. Most units modify the magnetron duty cycle for defrosting, but this unit uses a secondary winding on the high voltage transformer that has multiple inputs to adjust the input voltage to the high voltage section and thus, changes the output wattage from the magnetron. In all it looks to be a good design, and unlike most manufacturers, they actually make their own microwaves.