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Frigidaire Front Load Washer won’t Spin

Model #FWT647GHS0icon, The idea for this post came from a reader named Tim that had been fighting a problem with his front load washer not spinning. Through several emails back and forth, different things were tried and test made, and it even seemed like it was working for a couple weeks. Then it was back to simply not spinning the clothes quick enough. Some final checks and I am glad to say, Tim found the problem, and oddly enough, it wasn’t any of the items we were looking at to begin with.

The final email came from Tim recently which included the photo above and a brief description of what he had finally discovered as the result of his trouble shooting. But lets start back at the beginning of this conversation and see that path we took to get to the end.

Initially, the problem was the washer simply would not spin the clothes enough to remove the water and have them ready for the dryer. Being a timer controlled model, the wiring is pretty straight forward and the testing process is simply to do some basic resistance checks, then start replacing parts. Through our conversations, I suggested the normal items to suspect based on my experience and Tim did well to have a look and report back his findings. He had access to some used parts which trust me, substitution troubleshooting is perfectly acceptable when information is scarce. But it wasn’t until he replaced the motor that the washer began to work like it’s old self again.

Through this process, a new motor controller had been tried, as well as checking the door switch which is always a likely candidate given the symptoms. The washer was up and running and that is what Tim was hoping for. But as I said above, a couple weeks and he’s back on the computer looking for help.

This time, Tim discovered that the wash basket seemed to jump around inside the cavity and occasionally coming in contact with the side panels. Some looking around and he found the shock absorbers had failed allowing for this rough running condition. My suggestion was to replace them both, but until he was able to test the washer, its difficult to say if it was the broken parts that caused the rough running, or the rough running is what broke the parts. In this case, the second one seems to be the case.

With new shocks, Tim’s washers was back to the slow spinning again. And after taking a look at the circuit again, and going over our previous discussions, which Tim did a very good job of checking and rechecking, it came down to start replacing parts again in a logical order until we find the failure. And that is where we come back to the end. While replacing the motor, Tim found the multi pin connector was cracked allowing one of the wires to intermittently make contact. This pin happens to be connected to one of the tachometer connections which provides rpm feedback to the motor controller. Without this consistent information, the motor controller had to chance at working properly and would simply run at the slower speed. Tim was able to repair the connector and get his washer back in operational order.

I appreciate Tim allowing me to use his photo and write about this failure. It is a good demonstration of how things can not always be as they seem, and to further show how important it is to work together to solve a problem. I don’t do much one-on-one trouble shooting with consumers because I simply don’t have the time. But when I do, it is nice to be able to work with someone that provides good honest feedback and follows directions properly. Many people looking for help online are looking for solutions, but repairing appliances does not always have simple answers. If it were that easy, I would sit here every day and dish them out, but anymore, it takes skill, and access to information.

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