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microwave FAQ

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Using metal in a microwave oven

• Aluminum foil and some metal can be used in the oven. If not used properly, arcing (a blue flash of light) can occur and cause damage to the microwave oven.

Metals approved for use

Racks and bakeware supplied with the microwave oven (on some models), aluminum foil for shielding, and approved meat thermometers may be used with the following guidelines:

• Do not allow aluminum foil or metal to touch the inside cavity walls, ceiling or floor.

• Always use the turntable.

• Always use the turntable.

• Do not allow contact with another metal object during cooking.

Metals not approved for use

Do not use the following metal in microwave ovens:

• Metal cookware and bakeware

• Gold, silver, pewter

• Non-approved meat thermometers

• Skewers

• Twist ties

• Foil liners such as sandwich wrappers

• Staples

• Objects with gold or silver trim or a metallic glaze

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