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microwave FAQ

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My turntable is not working

• The turntable can rotate in either direction to help cook food more evenly. Do not operate the oven without having the turntable in place.

Has the tape been removed from turntable hub?

To install turntable:

• Remove tape from the hub.

• Place the support on the oven cavity bottom.

• Place the turntable on the support. Fit the raised, curved lines in the center of the turntable bottom between the three spokes of the hub. The rollers on the support should fit inside the turntable bottom ridge.

Is the turntable properly in place?

• Make sure turntable is correct side up and is sitting securely on the turntable support.

Is the turntable support operating properly?

• Remove turntable. Remove and clean turntable support and rollers. Replace turntable support. Replace turntable. Place one cup (250 mL) of water on the turntable; then restart microwave oven. If it still is not working, contact a technician for service.

*Do not operate the microwave oven without the turntable and turntable support working properly.

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