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Potential Kenmore Washer Class Action Lawsuit

This is an interesting article found by a fellow appliance professional regarding a possible class action lawsuit. The appliance in question is the Kenmore Elite HE3t and HE4t (built by Whirlpool by the way) that suffered from an F11 error. Being an owner of one of these washers myself, and yes I too had the F11 problem occur, I am somewhat interested in the outcome of any legal proceedings. But at the same time, being in the business that I am in, I know all to well that appliances break. Are there design or production problems. Yes. Are there components that fail, break or don’t work as expected. Well yes again. So it will prove to be interesting how this whole thing plays out. I am not a lawyer and don’t play one on TV, so I am not really sure what the lawsuit would try to solve, or how any damages would be determined. But the one thing I do suspect is the winners will most likely be the lawyers. Just my two cents.-Me

Article –
Sheller, P.C. is currently investigating claims related to Kenmore Elite HE3t and HE4t washing machine “motor control,” “central control,” “circuit board” or “computer board” failures for a potential class action. These claims often become apparent to consumers when their Kenmore HE3t or Kenmore HE4t washing machine becomes inoperable and displays the F11 error code.

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