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BSH unveils Locally Designed High-end Washer

Photo Bob Murphy/Sun Journal

I read some time ago how BSH Home Appliances was building a production facility to begin building laundry products in the US, and it looks like the first models are ready to come off the production like. This story is important considering just about all US manufacturers have shipped their front load washer production to Mexico, Korea and China, but what is even more interesting is how these new models have been designed at this very facility. So now we have Bosch, a well known German brand, designing and building laundry appliances right here in America. Maybe the other “American” manufacturers will follow Bosch’s lead and start building their popular front load models here as well. Not terribly likely, unfortunately, but at least Bosch was willing to take the first step. – Me

Article – German-owned BSH Home Appliances cut the ribbon in New Bern on Tuesday on its first product line fully designed, engineered and built in America.

The company plans to produce about 100,000 of its new front-loading Vision washing machines at the New Bern plant this year — the first rolling off the line Tuesday, in time for the fall-to-Christmas sales season.

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