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range FAQ

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My ovens temperature is not correct

• Make sure the oven preheated. The oven needs time to preheat before baking. Most pies, cakes, biscuits, etc., have such short cooking times that failure to preheat the oven can make a significant difference in cooking results.

• Convection Conversion Models. Some model convection ranges will automatically change the set temperature 25 degrees lower.

• Check the type of cookware that is being used. Your cookware may be having an effect on the baking results. If the pans being used are dark baking pans, be sure to reduce the oven temperature 25 degrees. These pans retain heat and at the regular baking temperatures some foods may burn or overcook.

• Make sure heat is not blocked from circulating in the oven. If the use of aluminum foil is being used on the oven shelf, never cover the entire shelf. This will block the circulation of heat in the oven. There should always allow two inches around the back sides of the oven shelf for heat circulation.

• Check the placement of pans in the oven. Pan placement may be affecting how the oven heats. How and where the pans are placed in the oven will make a difference. Make sure that there is at least one to two inches between pans and between pans and the side and rear walls of the oven to ensure proper air/heat circulation.

• Check the rack position. Rack position can also be critical to proper baking. Please consult the Owner’s Manual.

• Make sure the oven door has not been opened during cooking. Opening the oven door frequently when cooking can increase the cooking time. Also, check the oven gasket for rips or tears. A torn gasket will need to be replaced.

Electric ranges only:

Turn the oven on and make sure that the bake element (the one in the bottom of the oven) glows in the bake cycle. Then set the oven control to broil and watch the broil element (the one in the top of the oven) to see if it glows. If not, there may be a malfunction in the element.

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