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range FAQ

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My electric burners don’t heat

• See if the burner could be loose. Some ranges have plug-in burners and the burners can become loose in the socket. Unplug the burner, then reinstall to fully seated position.

• Make sure the correct burner is selected, matching the correct burner to the proper switch

• Make sure the pan has a flat, smooth bottom. For smooth-top radiant ranges and ranges with solid disk surface burner elements, it is essential that the pan have a flat, smooth bottom for proper operation. If the pan is not flat, the heat sensors built into these elements will prematurely cycle and turn off the heat to the element.

• If the top burners do not work, but the clock does work, your appliance may be wired improperly, contact your installer for further assistance.

• Check circuit breakers/fuses and power cord. On most slide in and free standing ranges, it will be necessary to pull out the lower drawer to access the plug and verify is connected securely (for others, sliding the appliance out from the wall would be necessary). For safety, make sure the circuit breaker or fuse is disconnected before checking the power cord for a loose connection. If the power cord is connected securely, your oven may be wired improperly.

• Check the burner. If one burner doesn’t heat, remove it and plug it into another burner receptacle of the same size. Then, turn on that element. If it still does not work, the element will need to be replaced.

• If none of the burners work, but the oven bakes and broils, it may be necessary to contact a technician.

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