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range FAQ

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My oven doesn’t heat but the burners do

• Make sure that oven controls are set correctly for either bake or broil.

• Check oven door on self-clean ranges to make sure it is in the unlocked position.

• Check the oven knobs to make sure they are in the correct position. If the range has knobs for oven temperature and oven function and if the control knobs were removed for cleaning, make sure they were reinstalled in the proper location.

Electric Ranges Only:

• Check the bake element. Turn your range OFF and remove fuses or turn breaker OFF, then unplug the range. Carefully inspect the bake element (lower element) for cracks or breaks. If cracked or broken, it will need to be replaced.

• Even if the bake element is not broken or cracked, since it does not heat service is needed.

Gas Ovens Only (excludes Dual Fuel Ranges):

• On new gas range installations, make sure range main gas regulator “on” the range is set in the on position. They are all shipped with the regulator in the “on” position but if jarred or bumped during installation it can spring back to the off position. This on/off lever on the regulator may not be apparent to most consumers. (Burners will still work with the valve off, oven will not!)

• Check the oven Glo-Bar Igniter. Turn oven to “on” position, open oven door, and look for a red glow. If no red glow is observed, there may be a malfunction with the Glo-Bar, on/off control, or other electrical components.

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