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Frigidaire Refrigerator making Noise

Model #FLSC238DB2icon,this side by side refrigerator seemed to be cooling properly and doing everything else the customer expected, except it was doing it while making excessive noise. The sound would come and go and was difficult to localize because of how the refrigerator was mounted inside an enclosure. Not a pressing problem, but the somewhat constant noise was making it difficult to be anywhere near the kitchen.

Noise problems can be the result of a common problem, but all to often, then are simply a component making noise. Not that that makes the failure any less likely, but when it comes to looking for the problem, the solution can usually be found simply be getting your ears involved.

Squeaks, clicks, pops and any other random noises are things that can and will occur at some point in an appliance. As the mechanical parts begin to show their age and are continuously subjected to temperature changes, dust and dirt, along with their daily workouts, little sounds begin to appear. Sometimes these noises are quiet and intermittent, while other times they can be heard from the other end of the home. Either way, they need to be looked into because little noises are usually the precursor to something louder in the future.

When I arrived at this call, the customer commented that the noise had stopped shortly after our conversation and really didn’t know what to make of it. I figured the noise was due to one of the fan motors and since the compressor was off when I arrived, the fans were to. By selecting a lower temperature to force the compressor and fans on, I was able to quickly recreate the noise and more importantly, pinpoint its source.

The noise was from the back of the refrigerator and most likely from the condenser fan. This fan and motor are used to draw air across the refrigeration condensing coils and the compressor itself to aid in the refrigeration process. If this fan is not moving air properly, the results can range from an excessively warm door liner, to poor cooling, or even failure of the compressor itself.

With the rear cover removed, I could hear the sound clearly as the fan blades rotated, but it didn’t become obvious what the problem was until I stopped the motor to have a look. Two of the blades had cracked at the hub allowing them to flex outward and contacting the fan shroud while in use. I replaced the fanicon with a new one with five working blades. The sound difference between the two was like night and day. The customer was happy to have the refrigerator repaired and working quietly again.

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