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GE Refrigerator Leaking

Model #TPS24BPCEBSicon, this side by side refrigerator started leaking some time ago for the customer each time the dispenser was used or the ice maker cycled. There was no obvious leak to the customer as water would simply appear in a pool from under the front grill. Thinking there must be a connection problem the customer contacted a plumber to repair the leak but once the refrigerator was removed from the cabinet, the leak looked to be coming from somewhere underneath.

Water leaks can be difficult things to look for because depending on the frequency and source of the leak, the reason doesn’t always present itself without some investigation. Generally a large enough leak isn’t to hard to locate, but if the water is the result of many small drips added together, well it’s time to get out the paper towels and start checking everything in the water system.

The leak on this refrigerator wasn’t as difficult to locate as it was to repair. After pulling the refrigerator from the cabinet and doing some checking of the obvious connections, the large growing puddle seeping from under the right side had me thinking there must be something big. Everything around the water valve seemed to be as expected and the dust showed no evidence of being disturbed, but it was obvious water was coming from somewhere. Then I finally found it.

Connected to the water valve is each of the water components. The water comes in from the house connection, then up to the water filter. From there it travels back to the water valve again to be distributed to either the ice maker or the water dispenser. Due to the proximity to the compressor that generates plenty of heat, the water lines are enclosed in insulating sleeves to help prolong their lives. It was inside one of these sleeves that I found the break.

The damaged line was one going to the water tank inside the fresh food section. Being a clean break, I first tried a repair with a coupler only to have the next section of tubing break in much the same way. It seems the water line was become very brittle from the years of heating and cooling. So I replaced the water tankicon and its associated tubing, along with some of the other more common 1/4″ water lines just to be safe.

Once back in the cabinet, the water dispenser worked again, and this time the floor stayed dry.

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