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ventilation FAQ

How do I clean the filters on my vent?

• It is important to frequently remove and clean the filters in the retractable section of the downdraft vent as this will improve the operating efficiency of the downdraft vent system.

• Remove the filter(s) and clean them in the dishwasher or in a hot detergent solution. Do not use the downdraft vent when the filter(s) are not in place.

• Reinstall the clean filter(s), and make sure that they are pushed in as far as they will go.

NOTE: Downdraft vent will not operate if filter(s) are not in the proper position. If the handle(s) are not fully locked, the vent may retract but not raise back up.

If the retractable downdraft vent does not operate after clean filters have been reinstalled:

• Push in the filter as far as it will go.

• When the filter is removed, the microswitch behind the filter is inactivated. This safety feature stops the blower and raising mechanism until the filter is properly reinstalled.