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Whirlpool Front Load Washer won’t Drain

Model #WFC7500WV, Normally I go into a bit of a description of an appliance failure, then talk about what can cause the problem, ending in how I repaired something. Today’s call is something not uncommon in the world of front load washers, and I think the short video probably does more to explain the problem then anything that would come off the top of my head.

Now you didn’t think I was going to post this and have nothing to say? This washer, like just about every other front loader, uses a door seal that connects to the outer tub which maintains a water tight connection and also, works to keep things from finding there way between the tub and the spin basket. In a perfect world, you would think this would work just perfectly, but in the world of appliances, if something can get stuck, it will.

Now the customer was experiencing some random problems for about the past two weeks until finally, water would no longer drain and the washer wouldn’t wash anymore. This is generally due to the pressure sensor, used to determine the water level in the tub, telling the control board that there is still water in the tub. With a water level higher than expected, the washer will not spin or the resulting force from the water soaked clothes will cause damage to the tub. Some washers will display an error message, while others will simple not spin at all. And depending on the conditions, like a slowly draining tub, it may work for the first load, but not on subsequent loads.

The solution to this service call is simple. Empty your pockets before you wash your clothes. It sounds simple enough but I have pulled many an item out of a sump assembly that one would not expect to find in a washing machine, money being my favorite. This customer learned the hard way that something as simple as a plastic bag, used for when she walks her dog, left in a pant pocket can cost you money and possibly damage your washing machine.

If you experience a slow draining washer, or the water won’t drain at all, check your users manual and see if there might be a sump clean out you can use to get things flowing again. Just remember, any water you see in the basket, will quickly be in your lap when the sump is opened. Plan accordingly.

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