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My dryer or clothes has an odor.

Have you recently been painting, staining or varnishing in the area where your dryer is located?

• If so, ventilate the area. When odors or fumes are gone from the area, rewash and dry the load. The odor is on the load because the dryer pulls in surrounding room air to dry the load. To avoid this, do not run the dryer while painting, varnishing or refinishing near the dryer.

Was a damp or wet load left in the washer or dryer?

• If wet load left in the washer or dryer for a long time will begin to grow mildew, which will result in odors. Rewash and dry the load to remove the odors. Promptly remove loads from the washer at the end of the wash cycle to avoid odors.

Is the dryer being used for the first time? (Electric)

• A new electric heating element may have an odor. The odor will be gone after the first cycle.

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