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Who made Your Kenmore Appliances

Knowing who made your home appliance is no longer as simple as taking a look at the label. Many manufacturers have products made by other manufacturers, including their own competitors, and simply affix their own recognized label. In fact, this is such a common occurrence, in the tech world, you all but need a decoder ring to keep track of such happenings.

But the one that probably affects the largest number of customers is the Kenmore brand from Sears. The Kenmore label has be very popular brand for consumers and consistently rates very high in product satisfaction surveys. But the truth is, Kenmore (or Sears) doesn’t make appliances. They pick and choose who makes their products, but really, they are all made by more commonly recognized manufactures. Is this a problem? Not really. Just good information to have when toiling over a purchase of a new appliance.

Now from a service standpoint, it is worth mentioning that if you need service during the warranty period, only Sears techs can work on Kenmore products without cost to the consumer. But once it’s no longer covered, most anyone can do the service. Just something else to consider during your appliance search.

I found this article the other day that gives some incite to this re branding of the Kenmore products, along with a link to a very comprehensive ‘decoder sheet’ that eliminates any mystery in who made what for Sears.

Article –
Many a customer has probably faced a dizzying array of gas stoves and thought to themselves, which is better, Kenmore or Kitchenaid? Should I buy this Whirlpool refrigerator, or the Kenmore? Isn’t Bosch a more trusted name than Kenmore for dishwashers? The answer to those questions is probably, in order, “neither,” “either,” and “not really.”

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