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6 ways to Dodge Appliance Disasters

Routine maintenance is something most people don’t tie together with their home appliances. Generally, we think of our appliances as durable goods and when something does go wrong, we simply pick up the phone and call someone for service.

But as time and the environment our appliances live in takes it’s toll, we are not only causing the appliances to use more energy, but may be shortening their lifespan. Most people operate their appliances on a daily basis, then wonder why the repair bill is so high when something does fail. True is, a little periodic TLC of your appliances can help avoid the unexpected failure.

Of course this isn’t absolute in any way as I have used the example for years of the auto mechanic checking out the family car before a cross country trip only to have the tire go flat down the street. Some things can still just happen.

I found this article recently that talks a bit about this topic and offers some basic things to look at to help prevent that unexpected expensive repair.-Me

Article –
Applying routine maintenance measures to equipment in your home could prevent an “appliance SOS” and save you lots of money in the long run.

In this economy, the last thing any of us needs is having a major appliance breakdown — especially when a few steps and dollars can extend the life of these big-ticket items. Yet most of us ignore our appliances. Some 80 percent of homeowners fail to do any appliance maintenance, according to studies by Sears.

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