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Appliance’s True Cost not on Price Tag

Energy savings is obviously a big topic, especially as we head into the cooler months of the year, northern hemisphere of coarse. And although there is lots of buzz around the showroom floors about the potential energy and cost savings of a particular appliance, it’s always important to do a little more research into what you may be buying. Yes, most new appliances are going to save money, hands down, when compared to appliances purchased even five years ago, but you must include all the other factors that make up what that new appliance will cost you over its lifetime.

Cost and energy savings aside, it is most important that you buy the appliances because they do what you want and offer the features you are looking to use. The energy savings only works if you are using the appliance as outlined by the manufacturer and following all recommended settings.

Here is an article that helps to answer the question of buying new just to save energy and how much can you really save. -Me

Article –
Q: We’ve got some older appliances in our home that still work OK, but I’m thinking they use a lot of energy and maybe we’d be better off buying newer ones that will cost less to operate. Is there a way to figure out when it’s time to buy new ones?

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