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Home Appliances and How they Stack up

With people showing more interest in not only saving energy, but doing their part to limit greenhouse gas production, it is important to understand what you pay as the end user may not tell the whole story. As we look more into what is involved in the production and distribution of various energy sources, what many once considered the better option, may not feel the same way once everything is taken into account.

Much of this information is difficult for the average consumer to really understand, let alone us technicians, but I have always felt that the better informed you can be, the better your decision making will be. I found this article that sheds some light at least from one point of view as our county works to plan for energy needs in the future.-Me

Article –
Americans have indicated they are striving to lower their carbon footprints in their everyday lives. Lawmakers are calling for cuts in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all sectors. And scientists have stressed that we must change the way we think about energy – and its impacts on future generations.

Read the full story at The Hill's Congress Blog

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