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Is Your Appliance Lying to You?

The amount of energy used by home appliances has become the topic of choice in recent years as the idea of conservation in the home has grown in popularity. Years ago the idea was to make the appliances work. Now it’s make them work, but use as little water and energy as possible to do it. Much of this has occurred in the background as most people are really more interested in how well their dishwasher washes and not that they are saving $4.95 a year in reduced electricity. But as part of the buying experience, I am sure people at least pay some attention to the energy guide posted prominently on the appliance showing these yearly energy costs. The problem, as noted in this article, is these generic numbers don’t really show the buyer any real information as it relates to their actual usage and energy costs. But with the help of some idea’s from this article, consumers can become at least better aware of their expenses as they relate to the energy used by your appliances. The energy saved due to a new appliance purchase may not seem like much, but given the number of appliances in the typical home, the value can quickly add up. – Me

Article –
Are your appliances fibbing to you about how much energy they’re using?

It’s possible. A recent Department of Energy audit found flaws in the Energy Star program. And that is causing some concern among consumers that electrical appliances like washing machines, air conditioners and refrigerators may not be as efficient as they’re supposed to be.

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