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LG Direct Drive Front Load Washer

LG has had a front load washer for a few years now and recently introduced a direct drive version that eliminates the belt drive and places the motor directly in contact with the shaft on the rear of the tub. This is the same motor you will find on the GE harmony washers (go figure) and other than a possible hall effect sensor failure, there isn’t much to break. Their is also only one board in these units so it is quite simple. As usual for LG there is still no tech sheets for these or any other model they make, but the service manuals do cover the basics.

2 Responses to LG Direct Drive Front Load Washer

  • Something tells me a replacement motor will approx equal 2/3 of a new machine. I’d rather have a toothed belt and a motor that can be OEM’d.

    I’m interested in buying this brand but this gives me 2nd thoughts.

  • Actually, the direct drive motor is a good idea because it does eliminate the belt and the forces on the rear bearings that result from using an offset motor mount. Also, no front loaders use toothed belts to provide drive.

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